Half-Birthday Parties are In.

By |September 15th, 2014|

One of the newest trends for parents are the celebration of half- birthdays. Every parent loves to throw birthday parties for their children because it creates long-lasting memories for the future. It also allows for our children to have fun whilst growing up.

Parents are turning things up in the party department. They are celebrating […]

Cloth Diapering is on the Rise

By |September 15th, 2014|


Back before the world of disposable diapers came along every parent used cloth diapers. Many of us have heard horror stories of how badly they leaked and all the washing and upkeep they required. But in the past year the rise of cloth diapering has skyrocketed. Gone are the days of leaky cloth diapers, […]

Baby Teeth Keepsake Jewelry

By |September 15th, 2014|


In 2013 a new trend was started, but it wasn’t until this year that the trend has truly take off. When your little ones lose their baby teeth, what do you do with them? Put them in a tiny box and put them in the garage to be forgotten about? Well thanks to this new […]

Frozen is fast becoming a classic

By |September 4th, 2014|

Disney’s Frozen Phenomenon and the trend of stronger female leads
According to David Owens, in his article concerning the same, key to Frozen’s success is found in the fact that the lead song Let it Go is probably the best example of a female empowerment song from a family animated film, as opposed to song-writing […]

Top Party Game: Cards Against Humanity

By |September 4th, 2014|

Cards Against Humanity is consistently the top game at Amazon.com
The Cards against Humanity is described as a party game for horrible people. Unlike most of the party games you’ve played before, Cards against Humanity is as despicable and awkward as you and your friends. The game is simple. Each round, one player asks a question from […]

Teens Ditching Designer Logos like Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister

By |September 2nd, 2014|

According to media outlets, teens are ditching logos. Back in the old days (OK, 24 months ago) stylish teens wouldn’t be caught dead without Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister or similar branded fashions. Now it seem A&F is revamping their offerings due to sagging sales.
“Once considered must-have items, products bearing logos have been broadly relegated […]

Big Fish, Little Fish: Balanced Harvesting

By |September 1st, 2014|

Balanced harvesting, the practice of fishing in a manner that selects fish based on sustainability of their productivity. It’s way we can minimize the effects on fish numbers and our impact on fish diversity within ecosystems. Think of balanced harvesting as elective harvesting. In the past fishermen have tossed little fish back, and […]


By |August 30th, 2014|

As I search for a voice for Brego.com, as I try to craft a niche I am constantly asking if I should follow the neutral path of providing information and being strictly a web tool, or if I should create content that is of relevant social use. Current affairs are just as much a […]

Rose Silver

By |August 27th, 2014|

Emerging onto the jewelry scene as the popularity of Rose Gold begins to settle, expert jeweler Wendy Yue has created what may be the next big precious metal. Rose silver is a beautiful hybrid metal, which begins with a base of pure sterling silver, has a bit of copper mixed in to create a […]

Statement Necklaces

By |August 27th, 2014|

Statement necklaces and collar necklaces are still making their rounds. This fall, mulch-colored pieces with jewel tones and eye-catching designs are paired with basics. Pair a necklace like this Betsey Johnson Hollywood one with a black sweater and jeans to add sophistication. If you love to go bold, try this Bauble Bar Crystal Feather […]

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