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Top 20 Baby Products for New Parents

Today we are going to take a look at the top 20 bestselling baby items on Amazon. These items are guaranteed to make every new parent’s life a little easier. Why not get in with the trend by discovering what other parent’s are buying to make caring for their baby a whole lot easier.

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes
This #1 best-selling baby item on Amazon has plenty of fun in store for your little one. This cute toy features 7 different classical tunes and has volume control. It is made to help baby promote auditory development and appreciate music. At just $7.48, we see why this toy has made to it to the top of the list.

Baby Banana Bendable Training Toothbrush
Then your little one starts teething, it’s important to keep their gums and new teeth clean. This soft and bendable training toothbrush is a baby’s perfect first toothbrush. It’s cute banana appearance makes it fun to brush their teeth.

Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether
I think we are seeing a trend in the teething category. All babies have to go through teething, and it can be painful on their gums. The Vulli Sophie Giraffe Teether is here to save the day! It’s BPA and Phthalate free, and is perfectly soft and easy to chew, also each one is individually crafted.

Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad
As a mom myself, you will be thanking me when you purchase this changing pad. I actually own this and it’s perfect for changing baby’s bottom. I love that it’s contoured to help snuggle baby in and has plenty of cushion so she won’t be uncomfortable. Parents, this is a staple for changing baby bottoms!

Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper Pail Refill Bags
This one is a no-brainer, to keep away the stinky smell of dirty diapers, a diaper pail is a must. I made the mistake of thinking a regular lidded garbage can would be enough to keep the smell at bay, let’s just say I was completely wrong! Diaper pails are a life saver when it comes to stinky diapers, don’t forget your refills!

Safety First Ultrasonic 360 Humidifier
A humidifier can be very helpful when your baby is sick with a cold. Humidifiers release moisture into the air, helping them to breathe easier and making them feel better all around. This humidifier must be doing something right to be number 6 on our list. It promises to run quietly and has two 360 degree mist outlets. It also will last for 12 hours, making sure baby is pampered all night long.

Nosefrida the Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator
Everyone gets snot and everyone gets colds, our babies are no different. However, they are different because they can’t blow their noses to free their airways, which makes them very uncomfortable. This is when we use the bulb syringe and painstakingly suck boogers out one little bit at a time, if it ever works at all. The Nosefrida Snotsucker is revolutionary, it’s easy to use and the tube doesn’t go inside of baby’s nose, just lays up against it, which makes for a happier baby.

Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate
If you have stairs in your home, you will need a baby gate once baby is big enough to move around. The last thing you want is for baby to take a fall down the stairs, and not all baby gates are made equal. This baby gate promises that it’s easy to use and has a handy functioning door feature, this way you don’t have to climb over the gate. It also comes with a kit to fit wider openings for your convenience.

Thermos FOOGO Stainless Steel Food Jar
This stainless steel food jar is perfect for school lunches and outings. It has double insulated walls that keep food cold for seven hours and hot for five hours. It’s especially made for kids and is leak-free so they don’t end up with a big mess in their bag. It’s made from BPA free materials and has a wide opening that makes it super easy to clean.

Diaper Dekor Plus Refills
The name says it all, these refills are made for Diaper Dekor plus diaper pails. They are essential to have on hand when your diaper pail becomes full, if you run out of these you will be in a stinky situation. Go ahead and stock up!

Munchkin Stay Put Suction Bowls
These bowls are perfect for babies and toddlers. You can place them in their high chair and put their food in these handy bowls, and not worry about your little one being “creative” with his/her food. I think most parents have had occasions arise when are little ones are feeling frisky and want to throw their food in the floor, these awesome bowls prevent that from happening. One less mess to clean up!

Philips AVENT Soothie Pacifier
These are definitely a no-brainer when it comes to babies. I find that these pacifiers work best for newborns, these are the same style they issue in the hospital when your baby is born. They are perfect for keeping baby calm when he/she become upset. Make sure you have plenty on hand, mine seemed to disappear all the time, but that was probably my fault from lack of sleep!

NUK Mash and Serve Bowl
Wow, I had never heard of this until now, this handy bowl and masher allows you to mash up fruits and veggies to make your own baby food. This would be perfect for mashing up bananas, and I think it’s safe to say all babies like bananas. What makes this really handy is you don’t have to use a separate bowl to serve the food in, just mash it and go!

Dr. Brown’s Bottle Brush
If you are bottle feeding, you must have at least one of these in your home. I had more than one because after a while I felt they needed replacing, so try to stock up on them, you will use them. These make it easy to clean inside baby’s bottle and in the small crevices of the nipple, without a bottle brush, it’s almost impossible to get a bottle completely clean.

Baby Ddrops 400 IU
Vitamin D is an important part of our bodies, and sometimes babies might need a little help getting their daily intake of vitamin D. This vitamin supplement makes it easy to make sure your little one has enough, and it’s tasteless so baby won’t fuss over a bad taste.

Dream On Me 3” Foam Graco Pack ‘n Play Mattress
When you are travelling, taking baby means you need to have a crib substitute of some sort. Pack ‘n plays are perfect for this, they easily fold up for easy travelling and with this mattress, and it turns it into baby’s crib outside of the home. It meets all safety standards and is made of bacterial waterproof covering that wipes clean.

Nursery Fresh Refill for Diaper Genie
If you have a diaper genie, you will need to buy nursery fresh refills to keep that fresh smell into the air, instead of a stinky diaper smell. These are a must for parents who use a diaper genie, go ahead and stock up and you won’t have to worry about it for a while.

Mommy’s Helper Outlet Plugs
Depending on how big your home is, you will need quite a few of these. Outlet plugs are necessary to keep babies tiny fingers out of the holes in your outlets. If your baby does put a finger in the outlet, it can end in a disastrous situation. Babies are naturally curious, pick up a few packs of these and keep them safe while they investigate their world around them.

Comotomo Baby Bottle
These specially designed baby bottles are made to prevent air being trapped inside the bottle while your baby nurses. This helps prevent crying spells from colic, and the nipple is as close to a natural moms as possible. It’s made with an ultra-wide opening for easy cleaning, and it comes in pink or green.

Playtex Drop-In Liners for Nurser Bottles
I know all about these fabulous drop-in liners. I used the Playtex drop-in bottles with both of my girls, and they are a lifesaver! Instead of having to meticulously clean your baby’s bottle every time they feed, you can pop a new liner in and you’re good to go. You will still need to wash out the nipple to prevent germs, but this is so much easier. They are pre-sterilized for safety and are BPA free


– Tiffany, Contributor



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