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Walmart Grocery Pickup or Bring it to Your Fridge

Anyone attentive to color shades has noticed Walmart has changed it’s blue a little. They are also experimenting with some new services like: “Deliver it to your fridge” that’s where by the end of 2018, a worker will come to your ome (even if you are not home) and stock your fridge with groceries you buy from the retailer. Hmm, we at Brego would have to try that service before we can officially reject or endorse it.  But it does seem like Walmart has thought of everything, from parnering with smart lock maker August, to monitor your delivery person remotely, to also partnering with same-day delivery company Divi.

But presently, Walmart does have one very good service called Grocery Pickup. The service is very simple. If you order your groceries online (a minimum of a $30 purchase) You simply pay for your items online, and drive to the Walmart of your choice where a worker will load up your car for you.  Brego thinks this is a great idea, especially if you have a physical limitation, are elderly or don’t want to deal with the kids and parents who think Walmart is a playcenter.

Not to be outdone, is also offering groceries. They recently acquired Whole Foods, and we look forward to the price of whole foods, herbals, and higher-end groceries falling enough where the average working person can comfortably shop Whole Foods. It would be nice if we had more of these stores in food deserts and urban areas. Are you listening Jeff Bezos? We hope so!

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