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Easier to Try

I would have done a lot better in life if my parents pulled me aside and said: “You like lobster right? How about you laundry cleaned and folded correctly? One day…you are gonna get sick and you aren’t gonna be able to move, or to work and you are still gonna want that lobster and those nice smelling neatly folded pants. And your friends and family who use words to say they love you (or who never never did) feel you are of no use to them unless you give them things (and right now) while you toil sleepless nights as they have fun. This is how the loveless act. Yes, and the grass will need cutting, and your house will need repairs, and the bills still keep coming. But some will only see your blessings and not your work and sacrifices. And the women you get, they won’t be able to keep an address. Men too, if you swing that way. Now son, plan on it. You will only be resting, but the loveless will say “You’re done,”

And remember, never fly too close to the sun with those wax wings of yours, BUT it’s easier to attempt flight, than it is to never try.” – Love, Dad and Mum (in my mind)

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