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Managing Hado Energy – Start with a Positive Thought

Start with a positive thought, hold in your mind your good qualities, focus on your healthy relationships, be with people who adore you.

Hado Energy
Hado Energy is the smallest unit of energy that comes from the intent of the mind. It is believed by some, that this energy radiates from our beings and impacts the world around us. Some scientists have shown that this energy, whether positive or negative can be recorded in it’s affects on water and the formation of ice crystals within water, the most receptive element.

I believe that our minds work on the same principle as Hado Energy.
You improve like you make a snowman. Remember how we used to take a snowball and start rolling it and it becomes bigger and bigger. Or when we used gum or rubber cement to remove and stick to other rubber cement? Hado energy is the same way, you must start with good intention…a positive thought and allow similar energy to stick to that. You can’t take a rock, put it in mud and crap and roll it around and expect a snowball. It will never happen.

We must focus on the positive aspects and build on that energy. This is why I speak on a problem, but I try not to keep repeating it, I don’t amplify it. In the past I have held on to relationships and people who only want to bring negative energy, beat you up, manipulate you. But now I’m old enough to know that just as dangerous as me thinking negative thoughts, is allowing someone with negativity to take my time, energy and resources, and then I resent them on top of it. The younger generation needs to understand that the success of others doesn’t take away from your opportunities. Resenting the success of others, affirming the negative and keeping the company of Debbie Downers is not the way. One must build on strengths, keep thoughts positive, and seek the cooperation of positive and psychologically healthy people who want the best for us.

At some point we realize the impact our thoughts have on our bodies, minds, souls, the world, the universe. At some point we realize that our thoughts impact others…and the thoughts of others impact us, can mold us and if we are not careful, have a hand in creating who we are. But also, at some point we can choose better thoughts, we can decide that the behavior of others will not change us. The choice is ours…and that’s something we each must decide for ourselves.


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