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Three Degrees of Separation, Emerging Obstacles for Start-ups

I have been working in the domain and web space for 20 years. I will venture to say, there are three degrees of separation between most Adverstising Networks, and the multimillionaires they produce. Most people are connected by six degrees of separation. Meaning, six people I know, connect me to any other person on the […]

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All that Glitters is Not Bitcoin

About six or seven years ago, I set out on my journey to mine Bitcoin. That was when many were transitioning from mining on graphic card processors to ASICS. I put out an APB with all my friends to help me buy a Bitcoin Miner (you needed the best and fastest) but nobody could find […]

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I Can’t Go Back, The Entreprenuer’s Dilemma

“They’ll Never Take Me Alive!”Ever watch those movies when the bad guy is like: “I can’t go back to jail!” and does everything he can to avoid that fate? I’m like: “I can’t go back to Corporate America!” I just don’t see it. Too many rules, too little freedom. But more than that, it’s the […]

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