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Three Degrees of Separation, Emerging Obstacles for Start-ups

I have been working in the domain and web space for 20 years. I will venture to say, there are three degrees of separation between most Adverstising Networks, and the multimillionaires they produce. Most people are connected by six degrees of separation. Meaning, six people I know, connect me to any other person on the […]

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A Girl Named Beyonce

I remember when I moved back to this small city from Cambridge back in the mid 90’s, I did freelance design and publicity for a young kid who was half of his own company called “Two Friends Promotions” in the morning, this young slim man a buck twenty-five soaking wet, Ricky was his name, a […]

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I Can’t Go Back, The Entreprenuer’s Dilemma

“They’ll Never Take Me Alive!”Ever watch those movies when the bad guy is like: “I can’t go back to jail!” and does everything he can to avoid that fate? I’m like: “I can’t go back to Corporate America!” I just don’t see it. Too many rules, too little freedom. But more than that, it’s the […]

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The New Youth

Today everyone wants to be an “influencer” but they really mean is they want to be a successful marketer and make lots of money. You can’t quantify influence. Who has more influence in the world Steve Jobs or the third-grade teacher who gives dozens of kids a boost of self-confidence? The nurse or the person […]

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Black Beauty Channel on

Doing a Black Hair section on, it is a multi-billion dollar a year sector. My mom opened a wig shop way back in the 70’s. She damn near killed herself getting to suppliers in NYC from Upstate, on a damn Greyhound bus…I remember her coming home with armfuls of bags and samples, rocking her […]

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My First Computer, Circa 1983

It was 1984, and my hormones were going, but my parents appealed to the better angels of my nature and bought me one of the first home personal computers on the market, the Texas Instruments TI-99….my first computer. Thanks, Mom and Dad…well, we’ll see if it ever brings a return. Yes, it was so primitive, […]

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