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The Call for Nobility and Universal Excellence

The French have a beautiful saying “Noblesse Oblige” and Wikipedia defines it as meaning, “literally meaning ‘nobility obliges’. It denotes the concept that nobility extends beyond mere entitlements and requires the person who holds such a status to fulfill social responsibilities.” Nobility and noble behavior are notions as old as humanity itself and permeate American […]

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All People Need Access to Whole Foods

What America does to the poor and disadvantaged is unconscionable. It used to be, people opened up restaurants to feed people a good meal, and if possible, to nourish them. Now, restaurants main objective is to maximize profits. Everyone’s main objective is profits. Screw taste, nutrition and what the customer feels. I’m not in the […]

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A Bad yet Good Role Model

A few years back when feeling “stuck” and unsupported in Springfield. My hometown. I spent a good part of my day literally running criminal elements (I have a much harsher word in mind) off our block corner. Men in their mid twenties to early thirties who moved in across the street and who were recruiting […]

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Reaching Inner-City Youth

I’m enrolling in a certification program, and they didn’t want my post-secondary transcripts, they wanted my HS transcripts. So I went to Commerce High yesterday. Everything has changed. Boy, now that I think on it, my class….and I won’t say which, was the last “free” class. No metal detectors, no cop on duty…these security firms […]

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Three Degrees of Separation, Emerging Obstacles for Start-ups

I have been working in the domain and web space for 20 years. I will venture to say, there are three degrees of separation between most Advertising Networks, and the multimillionaires they produce. Most people are connected by six degrees of separation. Meaning, six people I know, connect me to any other person on the […]

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The Queen and The Prince Prevail

People think to be a legit #emcee you have to be all street. The baddest female rapper was #QueenLatifah (You heard right, I said Emcee, not rapper…she had that status) and she obeyed the 26th Law of Power, “Keep Your Hands Clean” I don’t ever remember her not acting like a queen. I think most […]

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Why do we Avoid Objective Truth?

If dysfunction is all you’ve known, then you have to work twice as hard to be more accepting of differing ideas and opinions. The ones you have been exposed to so far may not be the best. Read more books..try to put yourself in the shoes of other people. Take on a new persona. And […]

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Some folks will believe what they wanna believe, logic and reasoning is an insult to them. #Science might be cold, but at least it’s peer reviewed, verifiable and can be relied on for all sorts of things we like…toasters, A/C, TV, microwaves….and all the processed foods we rely on. I’m being sarcastic, the same folks who enjoy […]

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