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Easier to Try

I would have done a lot better in life if my parents pulled me aside and said: “You like lobster right? How about you laundry cleaned and folded correctly? One day…you are gonna get sick and you aren’t gonna be able to move, or to work and you are still gonna want that lobster and […]

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Top 20 Baby Products for New Parents

Today we are going to take a look at the top 20 bestselling baby items on Amazon. These items are guaranteed to make every new parent’s life a little easier. Why not get in with the trend by discovering what other parent’s are buying to make caring for their baby a whole lot easier. Baby […]

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You are My Sunshine, Presence from Beyond

I’m having a moment. First meeting with the funeral director and second coming to see my aunt at this nursing facility. My Aunt is fine, but there was an older woman begging to go home and hallucinating that her daughter was in the room with her sleeping. She was worked up almost in tears and […]

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The Choice of Dying at Home

One day when I was about 14, my mother and I were at a traffic light, downtown Springfield. She looked at the people in the town square and was obviously moved by something she saw, she said: “If I could, I would make a home for teen moms, and the elderly (women), I would.” After […]

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My First Robot, Circa 1979

The Year was 1979, when after my parents learned I was “special” (read:problem child) they got me this beauty for Christmas, and I LOVED it. It made learning easy and fun. I’m getting verclimpt here…my first “robot” was nothing more than an 8 track game. Things were so simple and beautiful then…

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My First Computer, Circa 1983

It was 1984, and my hormones were going, but my parents appealed to the better angels of my nature and bought me one of the first home personal computers on the market, the Texas Instruments TI-99….my first computer. Thanks, Mom and Dad…well, we’ll see if it ever brings a return. Yes, it was so primitive, […]

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