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Our Mission

To bravely go where the timid dare not tread.

To always keep stewardship of the Earth and to protect its most vulnerable plants, animals, insects and people.

To bring apps and entertainment experiences that are helpful, not harmful. To do the thing that benefit one and all. To bring about positive change and equal treatment for all. To leave a better world for future generations. 

Vision is our brand, and is our first app. We are struggling in a new field, that changes as fast as we can grasp the basics. Though Trendsetic seems a simple concept, we believe it will be an invaluable tool to end-users in the coming months and years. We are working hard to draw connections between trend identification and trend lifecycles to help better understand human behavior and to raise awareness in a world where the consumer is becoming more and more conscious of their power and impact on our environment, In short our grandest vision is to make a positive impact upon our world.