Hair on Fleek: Trendy Hairstyles for 2021

  1. Long Haired Plaits – one of the most popular trend in 2021 will be long haired plaits

  2. Face framing fringe haircuts

  3. Dark hair looks better if you have pale skin.

  4. Lots of highlights for girls and boys

  5. High-density colored highlighter on the crown  – this is very trendy in America now.

  6. Straight bangs with a swoop

  7. Voluminous layers

  8. Fun color highlights for winter

  9. Rock buns and braids

  10. Give your hair some volume

  11. Messy buns

  12. High ponytails

  13. Long on top short in back

  14. Disheveled curls

  15. Textured hair

Brego predicts hairstyles for 2021 are all about self-expression, texture, volume and color. Anything goes from messy and disheveled to High-density color. Main thing is to own it for your style type. Create a unique look with these popular hairstyles for 2021.

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