A Cultural Shift to Save Our Planet

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Planet is Getting Warmer

The world has been getting hotter since 1851, according to a report on Global Temperature Change by VisualCapitalist.com. Since 1981 alone, we have seen global temperatures double from 0.18°C (0.32°F), according to VC. “Since 1880, the Earth’s average surface temperature has risen by 0.07°C (0.13°F) every decade.”

Atlantic Ocean Currents Slowing

Scientists are alarmed at the rate of sea levels rising, species are in danger of extinction as we head to a mass extinction, methane releasing from the ocean is causing additional cause for concern. And only yesterday a report realeased by L. Caesar,S. Rahmstorf,A. Robinson,G. Feulner &V. Saba and published on April 11th, 2018 by Nature.com currents in the Atlantic, better known as The Atlantic meridional overturning circulation (AMOC), has run amuck. These cross Atlantic currents are necessary to help cool the planet. In the face of ice shelves breaking off, bug population decreases in Peurto Rico, rising sea levels, forest fires, increased hurricanes and other severe weather, it would seem the writing is on the wall. Humanity must act and act fast.

A Massive Cultural Shift is Needed to Avoid a Mass Extinction

Brego has no doubt that man encroaching into dwindling wildlife habitat, compounded by man’s indifference and mistreatment of animals has been a major cause of the Covid19 outbreak. If you thought 2020 was something special, hold on. We predict a cultural shift coming where the preservation of our planet and the species we rely upon are put front and center.

New Major Industries Must be Created

Brego is recommending that we make bio-engineering and pollution control a main industry in the coming years. We predict industries will fail, famine will come and solar and smaller/safer nuclear power plants will be built. Electric vehicles will play their part, but due to extreme weather and the pandemic, people will live and work closer to home.

Rethinking Manufacturing: Less is More, Nothing is Better

We predict manufacturing, specifically 3D printing manufacturing will cut out waste. Plastic remediation will become a priority. Blockchain will make for more efficient use of resources, and AI will help us develop and cheaply manufacture plastics and other components that are biodegradable.

We need a Great Product Race on par with the Great Space Race. This is part of the cultural change that has to happen. Manufactures should be incentivized, not by profits, but by a moral obligation to save the planet for their children and future generations. Perhaps we could us Artificial Intelligence and science-based strategies develop a culture where phones, computers, and endless accessories are replaced by digital and virtual counterparts. If Less is more, virtual is better than Real.

Artificial Intelligence Could Help us Save Us from Ourselves

Brego predicts Virtual Computers and Personal Artificial Intelligent Agents occupy a space no bigger than the user’s palm. In the new world, “Less is more.” should be our mantra. The world must find ways to reincorporate plastics into building supplies. A Kenyan a materials engineer, Nzambi Matee founder of Nairobi-based Gjenge Makers reports she has developed a plastic brick that is stronger than concrete. Brego is beginning to believe that reclaimed plastics may be the building blocks that will help reduce the planet’s reliance on concrete,

We need many more bold thinkers like Nzambi, but more than that we need a cultural and a values shft anf for each of us to understand the scope of our crisis. We must make it plain to every citizen, that our planet is in grave danger. We can no longer be argumentative about whether this is happening, instead we must now take action and we must take action now.

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