Amazon Jumps into Web 3 with Ethereum Services

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Web 3, or the 3rd iteration of Internet is upon us, and with it will come a more contextual version of web and internet apps that use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Right now, it may not seem like it, but AI is already among us, from customer service bots to auto-generated web content. AI is making for a smarter and more efficient world. And like the best things in life, it's happening without much of a fuss.

This semantic version of the internet will go beyond today's basic retrieval and storage of information. The aim of Web 3 is to develop more innovative, connected, and open-source internet called the "Semantic Web", The Semantic Web promises to understand and contextualize all the static data we typically search for on internet. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligent coupled with the power of the blockchain, which is a more secure and decentralized model of the internet, Brego foresees and infinitely more useful internet on the horizon, but it won't arrive with a roar, it will be a gradual metamorphosis.

How Web 3 May Impact Marketing and Web Services

Web 3.0 revolves around the actualization and Semantic web intelligence while combining real-time data across different platforms. Semantic technologies will help restructure online matchmaking and databases and users, and better matching the interests of users and suppliers for a more efficient markets. It will also enable better control of online privacy through a decentralized and encrypted distribution model. 

Brego foresees Web 3 as being most useful to the sellers and the purchaser. Using integrated intelligent data, Marketers will be able to refine sales strategies. Buyers will be able to take ownership of their data and have a semblance of self-determination that has been long-absent from the marketplace. The companies offering Web 3 services are seeking to boost Ad Relevance through intelligent data models. Advertisers will benefit also by being able to make more intelligent decisions regarding online display marketing. Brave, a leader in the Crypto Ad space, is currently working on a search engine to compete against ad-based search giant, Google. Their model is based on the Basic Attention Token (BAT) which has had a recent rise on the cryptocurrency market.

Google has maintained a stranglehold on the ad search market, and for two decades now, many have been locked out of the gated community of Ad revenue, by the search giant. Likewise, Facebook has also failed at allowing small and diverse publishers access to ad revenue generation, and only a small group of publishers have enriched themselves. Web 3 promises to make that wealth distribution more egalitarian. Brego projects that Web 3 will represent a sea change for websites, social media, mobile, video, email, search, display advertising, PPC, PR, and similar web marketing modalities.

Web 3.0 opens the door to an advanced stage of modernization in marketing and promotion. Services can now benefit from real-time social graph data from Facebook, for example. Information like present location, weather, traffic, other close friends of local merchants, frequency of visits to a particular store or location are now available to advertisers. As a result, Web 3 will present a great number of business opportunities for more efficient marketing strategies. Consumers will, ideally have greater control over which datasets they wish to share and potentially benefit from. Brego foresees discounts and even revenue generation as being possible for ordinary citizens in the form of cryptocurrencies, revenue sharing and rewards.

Web 3.0 with Semantic Web, Artificial Intelligence, 3D Graphics, Connectivity, and Ubiquity are slowly coalescing into a new and more useful internet.

Amazon's Ethereum Web Services 

Ethereum is a well-known decentralized blockchain, in fact it is the underpinning of Web 3 allowing peer-to-peer networking and permitting participants to manage without a central authority. (read: no more gatekeepers)

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