Bridgerton: Signals More Inclusion for Actors of Color

Updated: 6 days ago

Truth be told, the first episode of #Bridgerton had me scratching my wrists…wanting to slash them with a spoon at times. All the talk of ladies, lords, and marriage and the absence of gay culture…yikes, enough to make one retch. Aside from the fine lead, Simon (Regé-Jean Page) at times it felt like Bridgerton was trying too hard to impress…until I discovered the undercurrent, the writer’s meaning. How #Shondaland was creating a best possible world. I started by hate-watching, but now I’m getting into it. I’m guilt watching. My only wish is it was more historical, more rooted in real black aristocrats, past and present. We feel their aura at least. Life wasn’t so easy for these luminaries, with the exception of Queen Mother Charlotte, most Alessandro de’ Medici, The Count Dumas, even author Lady Whistledown seem to echo Emilia Bassano and other legends.I firmly believe we need to view blacks in history in a more objective manner. If people only knew their true history so much of this nonsense wouldn’t happen. #ShondaRhimes is a bit escapist with Bridgerton and it’s great to see writers using their creative license without apology. The show has just enough basis in truth, just enough hiring of black, brown and Asian actors to keep it watchable and dear I say, sexy. The next stage of our evolution may be to realize we don’t have to live in someone else’s reality, when we can make our very own.

Let’s hope that with SAG/AFTRA folding Influencers into the acting fold we see more inclusion of Influencers. Let’s also hope TikTok keeps their fingers off the scale of Black Creators and creators of color in general, as it is hardly equitable to pilfer the creative works of one demographic and monetize it with another. These are the types of issues that keep unions awake at night.

#ActorsofColor #Bridgerton #Inclusion

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