I Should Have Been Born Rich and Beautiful

Updated: 6 days ago

Then I could have been an influencer.

I’m Joking, of course. Brego is being tongue-in-cheek about the state of the influence market. From TikTok’s Creator and Black voice suppression to the high-gloss productions of “average kid” influencers, there is a much room for improvement in today’s influencer market. A vaccuous vaccume of baser morals and competition for advertiser dollars has, in our opinion created an unfair and shallow pool of influencers that make a great deal of money ahead of the smart and principled. As Brego looks for quality partners, we see a positive dearth of smart and well-produced content both on Social Media, including Youtube. What’s even more striking is the utter lack of diversity in the Influencer space. We would like to cultivate content creators but we can think of thoter things to do with our lives besides producing. Though that prospect is exciting. Lifting up creators and giving them access to higher production value. But it seems the likes of Youtube and TikTok do little more than sigh and give lip service to opening up the influencer market.

But Brego has our own Ideads. We see a need for better content and higher production value. My limitations are, like most…money and crew. I will be curating content on brego.com, but sadly some of the best content just lacks that production value that makes it watchable. Or to put it another way, pretty well-financed people become influencers faster than smarter people with good content but who may not have the “hair and teeth” / “abs or tits”, or have the right financial resources. I went to Youtube and searched for “……” and the first video is very informative, timely and smart. But the video looks dreadful. Like that. A large part of the influencer market is hijacked by the well-financed, don’t kid yourself. Some have the means to just travel the world and produce Hollywood level productions, and that’s before their endorsement deals. Most people do not have such resources. Someone, somewhere has to stand in the gap between good content and sheen.

To my less attractive and well-financed counterpart, I would encourage you to do what I do. Keep going! Keep creaating, no matter how much you are suppressed by Social Media companies with their thumbs on the scale. No matter how many likes and followers you have. Just get into the habit of producing content and finding your own unique voice. Do not give poor quality, work on that. We at Brego knows full well what it’s like to be an underdog, always on the outside looking in. But in time, you will be on the inside. We think one of the worst things the influencer market has done is, aside from reviving shtick, is to give young people (and older people) the message that they’re not good enough. Aside from silencing voices, this remains Social Media’s biggest shame. In time, Web 3 will democratize the web, and give everyone an opportunity to shine and profit from their creative works. So don’t give up hope, and never let the beautiful and well-financed make you feel a type of way, or to stop from giving your very best. Let’s hope that SAG/AFTRA’s inclusion of Influencers into their fold is more than a money grab, and instead works to create a union that strives for the better treatment and inclusion of all. In the meantime, Brego will be working on our abs, hair, and teeth…just in case.

Live well and prosper. Brego

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