Minting Brego’s First Art NFT

Updated: 6 days ago

Still working on minting my first NFT for a piece of Pop Art I’ve created. My items are on, but I’m still learning how the process works.

As it stands, one must create a browser plug-in wallet called Metamask, fund it with Ethereum…and that’s expensive, depending on the price of gas. It all sounds convoluted, and yes, Ethereum one of the main Cryptos out there is expensive to send depending on network conditions but I think it will be worth it as people are spending the $1700 per coin unit like candies.

I’m doing a test on rarible, a second tier system and I’ve spent $20, and will likely spend another $20 to list my first item for a chance to sell. That said, it is interesting and selling and buying in cryptos is the future. I’m learning a lot about how this will change the art world and I’ve applied to a gallery that specializes in creating art which…basically, for lack of a better word, comes alive…with their blockchain technology…allowing the artwork to change over time, driven by user engagement and artificial intelligence.

I’ll report our findings to you guys. It’s amazing the prices some of this art fetches, and it will be interesting to see how blockchain affects other art disciplines, film, music, fashion. It’s a lot, I know…but start looking into it now. Be part of the coming foundation. As always join links are on the right of my site,

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