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Even those with the best credit scores have been impacted by the Covid19 Crisis over the past year. Even Brego’s credit (and site) came crashing down at the beginning of the crisis, and only now are we beginning to get on our feet. Whilst the dream of decentralized credit checks is still some ways away, one doesn’t have to be the victim of one’s credit score.

We did a little research on Self Financial and we decided to take out a 24 Month CD to improve our credit score. We are locked into payments at $25/mo and after 24 months the CD we will be unlocked and a check will be issued so long as you make timely payments. Screw up and, well your credit will likely be take a setback. Self calls these “Credit Builder Accounts which report monthly to the three major credit bureaus that you are making timely payments. Self estimates that it will take up to three months to be fully reporting and you could see an increase in your credit score within three months. They also issue a branded Self Visa Credit Card with the amount you already paid into your account. At the end of your term you will receive the amounts paid, minus fees and interest.

Find out more here and to sign up. The process is easy and they ask for a $9 fee to get you going.

Click here to Join Self and start rebuilding your Credit Score today.

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