Staying Motivated When You See Little Growth

Updated: 6 days ago

I have to remind myself to be patient with myself. To stay the course when I see little growth.They say Buddha said, and I paraphrase: “It’s not how fast you are going, it’s that you are going in the right direction.”Did Buddha say that, or are people just saying he said it? Who knows. But I like it. Just grow in the right direction, no matter how slowly and don’t compare yourself to others…just make baby steps of progress in your life. Seemingly, some will come into your life only to waste time and sow chaos…and they do it for deep and unknowable reasons. Don’t let those thorns strangle the life out of you. Plant your mind, spirit and soul on good soil. Cultivate it with good habits, and flourish instead. Only those who truly care for you will sorta understand your moves. Just keep going, just keep making those moves. #selfmotivation #motivation #keepgoing

#depression #philosophy #Beliefs #BregosDesk #motivation

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